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The Graduates Profile  of Biology Education Study Program

The graduates profiles of the Biology Education study program include:

1. Prospective Biology teacher
Educators and facilitators of creative, innovative learning who educate with good mastery of biology material and apply science and technology, follow the development of biology learning, have a Pancasila spirit, are adaptive, oriented to environmental concerns, and have the potential to continue to professional education to become professional teachers and be able to continue to higher education levels.
2. Research Assistant
Reviewing the problems of biology education and publishing the results in scientific forums, with the spirit of Pancasila, supported by mastery of theoretical concepts in the field of biology education by applying science and technology, oriented towards environmental concerns, and has the potential to continue to a higher level of education.
3. Entrepreneur in the field of Biology Education
Trying alone or working with others to produce goods and services related to Biology education.